Monday, July 26, 2010

Look !!! Treasure

Friday was half price day at my local Goodwill. It is every Friday. Sometimes there is nothing exciting to find but most times my daughter and I find a treasure.

This time I was looking for some vintage fabric for drapes for my youngest daughter's room. I didn't really find anything. I picked up a few some items. A daughter pointed to the floor at an old sewing machine case. "Look". " No I don't want or need another sewing machine ."I said. "But's blue!" I quickly lifted the top of the case to reveal this fantastic two toned ,chromed beauty. It looks just like my father's old '57 Chevy.

I wanted it. I checked for the foot pedal, power cord, accessories. It was all there. For the hefty sum of $9.99!! The photo does not show it but the foot pedal is blue.

And so the Brother Super Streamliner Sewing Machine came home with me.

It is outside getting some sun. Hope it kills some of the "old smell". It looks great with my vintage Tulip chair, vintage patio table and my vintage chair.


Molly said...

I just popped over from another blog after being drawn to your profile picture! I adore your machine! It looks a lot like the Australian HG Palmer Princesses I am in envy of. I can't believe your daughter didn't take it off you!

I'm actually looking for machines of this style to entice my two kitsch loving sisters to take up sewing and just collected a Singer 347 in an aqua-blue to refurb, she cost twice as much. is no where near as pretty as your girl and doesn't come with that awesome accessory box either. What an amazing find, I hope she gives you lots of sewing pleasure as well as just being great eye-candy!

Angie said...

Hello! I just wanted to pop in and show some love for your lovely blue Brother. I have its "sister" machine, the same Brother Super Streamliner, except mine is pink with charcoal trim.