Sunday, August 15, 2010

Something For Me

I haven't been to the fabric store but....

I have been avoiding the fabric store for a couple of months now. I have too much already. But on a recent trip to Ikea and fell in love with this print. They only had .75 of a metre left so I gave in and bought it. I knew it would be perfect for a purse.

I searched through too many patterns in my filing cabinet and decided on McCalls 3772 view A.
It seemed like a good size since I seem to need to carry a lot.

After studying the fabric, I picked out two motifs that I wanted to highlight. I cut the front and back one at a time from a single layer. That way I could centre the motif .

The pattern called for fusible fleece but I had none and I still wanted to avoid the store. For once inside a fabric store, who knows what could happen! I used some Peltex that was not fusible. To keep the layers together,I quilted part of the design. I stitched on the lines of the bird cage . I used a preprogrammed stitch for the leaves.

An extra zippered pocket was added to the lining as was a key ring holder. I copied this from one of my favourite purses.

All the seams were sewn, serged, pressed to one side and topstitched. I hate things falling apart. I understitched the facing . I cannot understand why pattern companies continue to omit this step.

Before I added the lining, I added some bugle beads to the bird and sequins and seed beads to the leaves that were not quilted. Just a touch of sparkle.

Overall I am pleased. I think if I make it again I would add a magnetic clasp to the top.

I was going to add this review to Pattern Review until I read the other reviews. They were dated from 2004 and 2005. I had no I idea this pattern was so old.

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Kristy said...

Its beautiful! I really do need to buy some fabric next time that I'm at Ikea.

Kim said...

Oh, I love it! You were so lucky to find that fabric. I was recently at our Ikea and they didn't have anything that cute.