Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Want to Shop

September's challenge of not buying new craft supplies has been just that , a challenge.
 I have deleted all the e-mails that declare "We want you back and were going to give you this discount to get you".  I have thrown out the flyers that arrive by mail.  I drive by the Goodwill without stopping.  Most of the time I feel quite good about it.
But Vogue patterns sent an email with their latest offerings and I peeked. And now I want.   

Vogue 8699.  I love this for everyday. It will be warm and comfy for fall and winter.  Although we live in the city, my daughter rides horses twice a week in the country.  It always seems cold and windy out there.

Vogue 8671.  This is not a new pattern but I never really noticed it before.  I like the lines and the fact that it is not overdecorated.

Vogue 1215.  I love the detailing on the shirt!

Vogue 8683.  I just bought a dress with a similar shape and I was surprised how flattering it is.  

Vogue 8692.  This is a beautiful jacket made with couture techniques.    I'm always up for a challenge!  Then again....

This week Vogues are $6.49 at Fabricland.  Yes we pay a lot more in Canada but we are worth it.
Good thing it is October 1st this week.


Kim said...

Hey- It's October 1st! September's challenge is over :).

Charity said...

You know, I have actually never sewn using a pattern. I think I tried once when I was younger and got confused by it. Now I just make up patterns for everything (which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't).