Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September Stash Busting- Project #3

Oh the things I've found while sorting boxes and bags and drawers and baskets and ...
While grouping and piling I thought of collages. I love collages and I have always wanted to make one. So why not or should I say sew why not?
I bought a bundle of old patterns at an outdoor market many years ago. Some very organized housewife wrote "April 1957" on the outside of the envelope.
When I opened this envelope I was disappointed to not find a pattern inside. This instruction sheet was inside the envelope. It is dated 1944. The colour pictures were pasted on the line drawings. I image some woman was thrilled to find a coloured drawing of the pattern she wanted to sew. We are so spoiled to today with photographs.
The black objects are cams from an old sewing machine -- probably the 70's as I do recognize them. You inserted them into the machine to make different decorative stitches - before electronic and before computerized machines .
Speaking of old, the lace has been in my stash for quite awhile. It has the designers name , Albert Nippon, embroidered in it.
Sorry I got off topic. I just feel everything tells a story and has a history. Which is why I have a huge stash, which is why I am stash busting. Isn't this where I started.
Anyway, here's my latest project.

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