Thursday, September 2, 2010

Some Sense of Accomplishment

Yes the list helps. I did everything on the list plus a little more. Except I didn't clean out a drawer but I did clean out the fridge.

The baby quilt is still not finished but the quilting is almost done. The craft area is far from done but at least it is started.

Most importantly I took pictures.

I was totally captivated with the lawn art created
by I just happened to have an old bowling ball in the basement waiting to be made into something new. How many times does that happen. Anyway, I ran to the dollar store and found frogs, ran to Michaels to find glue ( with my 40% off coupon) and ran home to find paint. I used aluminium.
I love the finished project. The colour looks great against the black mulch.

I love old labels. My very first apartment was decorated with the sides of fruit creates. The graphics on the labels always impressed me. The fact that I was poor and the creates were in the garbage in the back of the grocery store might also have been a factor. Regardless, they hold a special spot in my heart.
When I saw the beautiful labels at I knew I had to do something. I printed the label on cream cardstock, aged it with ink, and used outdoor ModPodge to attach it to a watering can.
I really like the results.

Well I have to get back to today's list. More photos and projects later.

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Cap Creations said...

That ball is awesome! Someone really cool must have showed you that lol!

I love the color you used. So glad you could use the tutorial to make one too. Not sure but you may want to seal it to prevent peeling if you wanna keep it outside. I didn't but has not gone through the cold wet winter yet. Yikes!