Thursday, September 23, 2010

Upcycled Capelet

Now that I have cleaned up and organized the craft area it is just a fun place to be.  Everything is within reach and there is enough space to work.  I also have good lighting.
Going into the sewing area today just put me in such a bad mood. Everything I touched fell over and there was no room to work.  My sewing machine was backlit and there were shadows everywhere.
That said, I wanted to finish up a couple of projects today no matter what.  This is what I was working on before the baby quilt.
I made this caplet twice. Once from a piece of cashmere I bought a long time ago and once from a mohair blanket that was put in the dryer by accident. It felted so I just went with it and washed and dried it several more times. The black(cashmere) cape is lined with black kasha satin and the mohair (grey) is lined with a cream bemberg.   
The cashmere was only half a metre long so I had to shorten the cape. No buttons were added to the back one . Instead it was fur hooks on the inside. The grey one has ultrasuede bound buttonholes with vintage buttons
Having made this pattern twice,I could still see making another from fleece or a sweater knit. The yoke lends itself to decorating with applique or embroidery.  Maybe next year, there are too many other projects I want to sew.  And a lot more cleaning to do.

Happy Sewing & Crafting


Kim said...

Go, you! These are the coolest. How is your commenting going?

Robin said...

Look at you working around the clock to bust your stash!

FrouFrouBritches said...

I love your caplets. They are soo cool! I've got to make something for me. I always make stuff for the kids or other people.

Melissa said...

I made my daughter a capelet this fall out of flannel and she loves it. I was considering making one out of a shrunken wool blanket. I think, I just might. Thanks for showing it can be done.

I like both of these - very classy.