Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What Do You Mean Summer Is Over --- I'm Ready

Every spring I have a list of outdoor projects that I want to do. And every spring seems to last two days. The weather goes from comfortable to never ending rain to never ending heat and humidity. It makes it impossible to paint, stain or work.

This year I also had to work around the schedules of three different contractors.
1. The roofers had to return to clean up and redo some botched work done in the winter.
2. We had a solar pool heater installed on the new roof. -Worth every penny)
3. New gates were installed to access the pool from both sides of the house.
4. We waited endlessly for my BIL to come and help remove the old gas pool heater.

My big project this summer was to do something with the crumbling cement surrounding the pool. It was ugly and hard to walk on. After much research I decided on Stoneffects. It looked so easy with just two steps.

Well it wasn't easy. The cement must be pressure washed first. Then I had to patch all the cracks and there were many. I should add that the area I worked on was over 600 square feet and the temperature was near 40. I could only work in early morning or late in the evening.

I didn't etch the surface as there were no smooth parts left. So I painted and painted and painted. Stoneffects is very thick and heavy . It covered my shoes. It covered my pants from the knees down. Finally after three coats it started to look good. Then there were the two coats of sealer to apply each 24hrs apart.

My oldest DD came out to help but I sent her away. She held the roller pole like a hockey stick and rolled with all her strength. She shredded the roller and cracked the frame. The pole started to bend. The rollers are $10. each as are the frames. The pole was $14. I just couldn't afford her help.

I am very pleased with the end result. In fact I love it. It looks great, feels great underfoot, and it cost me much less than having a new one poured.

I also added beach stone and solar lights to the edge of the house to go with the sand coloured deck. Now we have our own little beach.

Unfortunately I did not have time to paint and recover the patio set. So I made slipcovers from towels and threw on some cushions made from a Waverly slipcover I bought at the Goodwill last year.

Now I ready for summer and parties and ...

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