Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Upholstery Tuesday

Every Tuesday I take an upholstery class in a nearby city.  People travel hours in heavy traffic to attend these classes.  The instructor is the absolute best.  She has an incredible amount of knowledge and experience and is so willing to share.
This course is not about a quick fix to bad furniture.  It offers no shortcuts,cut corners, or coverups.  I call this course the "haute couture"for chairs.  It is an old - school upholstery class.  We are taught the old techniques for covering furniture including hand tied springs, bundling horse hair, invisible stitching, and repairing wood.  There are no tack strips or foam.  At times it is quite physical.  But the results are beautiful.  I am not a big fan of ornate antique furniture.  I don't want my home to look like a museum but I do appreciate the quality and the workmanship of a good piece of furniture.

We start by completely pulling off all the old fabric.  Because my chair is old and had been re-upholstered before, I had to fill a lot of holes.  I had to have a cabinet maker replace the back as it was broken.  The entire chair was stripped, stained, sanded, and varnished. ( I paid someone in the refinishing class to work on my chair.  I think she did a great job.

Here you can see the webbing that I have stretched and tacked in place.  The tape is to protect the wood from my hammer.

Here is a better picture of the chair.  I have been working on it at home.  New pictures soon.
I am currently working on two chairs.  One is quite old and came from my grandmother's house.  My husband stripped and threw out everything many years ago.  It has been repaired several times and I really don't know what it looked like when it was new.


The second chair came from my uncle.  It was purchased from a very upscale store (The Art Shoppe) in the early 1960's.  It still had its original fabric so I have been able to save everything.

This chair is quite well constructed and has not been easy to deconstruct.  I have been learning just by taking it apart.  I have also cut myself, stabbed my self, and received slivers.  I have found dust, food crumb, and gum wrappers but no money.

If you live in Southern Ontario and are interested in upholstery, I throughly recommend this class.  Info about the class can be found at  She will be at the CreativFestival next weekend in Toronto.

I have been busy sewing and crafting too.  I just need to take some pictures.

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Kim said...

Hi Janlynn, I love this project. That's so cool that you are taking an "old school" class. It really feels like it connects you through history, doesn't it? I'm glad you used webbing for the seat (old school), as I've seen so many folks use plywood.