Friday, November 5, 2010

The Coat

It's getting colder and colder and I need a new winter coat.  My current coat was purchased from a good store and is so unsatisfactory.  The weight of my keys causes the pockets to hang down below the hem of my coat.  The lining is dress weight.  This was not a cheap coat yet it is so poorly constructed.
And people wonder why I sew.  I wonder how they can justify spending hard earned money on disposable clothes.

I want to make this coat.   I became obsessed with it while playing on Polyvore.  It is from a German designer.
I love the classic lines with the slightly edgy asymmetrical hem.

And look at the epaulets !  They're beaded!  I love things that are beaded.

 I think I can take this pattern and make it work.  McCalls 5525
I'm just not sure about the asymmetrical hem.  You see I am not as young or tall as I feel.

I purchased this fabric downtown at L.A. Fabrics, the best store on Queen Street West.  It is 100% wool.  The lining is a bronze kasha satin.  The fabric has been steam pressed at the dry cleaners.  I am ready to adjust my pattern and make a muslin.  Now I just new time, energy, peace, and quiet to get the work done.

Thanks for dropping by.  Come back soon!

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