Friday, November 26, 2010

The Not So "Perfect Pajama"

I decided to try this new book for Ann's Thanksgiving Weekend Pyjama Sewalong.  I was seduced by the glossy, colourful pictures featuring beautiful details like piping, contrasting bands, and lace. It was love at first sight.  And so the romance began.  I poured over those glossies matching each different design with fabric from my stash.   I was going to make them all expanding my nightwear wardrobe and my skills with each pattern.  I was going to be like Martha Stewart.  Instead of cooking my way through Julia Child,  I was going to sew my way through this book.  Ah love.  But of course it could never last.  One of us had some serious problems.
The spelling mistake in the title is the least of the problems with this book.   The patterns include children, women, and men but it does not include a size chart so that you can decide what size you need.  As I said, there are many designs and many patterns but there are no line drawings.  So how can I decide if the pants I want are "Sunset Boulevard" or "Blue Laugoon"?  The glossy pictures don't show all the details.
The patterns must be traced from four faintly printed master sheets.  The sheets are confusing.  Both the front and back pant legs do not fit on one sheet.  The bottoms of each leg are on separate sheets.  No problem.  I have used BWOF.  The problem is that the top of the pattern does not match the bottom.  The grain lines do not match up.  the side seams do not match.  Okay the honeymoon is over.  I am starting to see the flaws. I am trying to make a compromise.  I get out my ruler and make the lines match.
The Final Straw came when I cut out the traced pattern for a final inspection.  I could not believe it .  This flaw was just too big too unforgivable.  I  went back and rechecked in case the mistake was mine.  But no.  It was over.  I gathered up the paper and put it in the recycling bin.  The book will remain as a picture book, nothing more. Its over.
What was the problem you ask?  The front crotch curve and the back crotch curve are exactly the same.
The same!!! So book, take your skinny a--- crotch and get out of my sewing room.  Thank goodness I did not waste any fabric.


Gorgeous Things said...

You know, I've recently seen some patterns that have made me scratch my head and ask, "What on earth was the designer thinking of?" The kind of mistake that would get you an "F" in Patternmaking 101. Identical front and back crotch curve? "F"!!!!

Nat said...

oh dear!!! I am glad you did not waste fabric on this project too, looks like this book was not thought out very well. The picture on the cover does look sweet, love the look of these pj's but the crotch curve sounds very uncomfortable!