Wednesday, November 17, 2010

PJ Sewing

I have recently joined Ann's Thanksgiving Weekend PJ Sewalong . I know I am a Canadian and I celebrated Thanksgiving last month, but a sewalong is a reason to celebrate.  Besides,I have been researching my family tree and turns out my Grandfather was an American who served in the U.S.Navy in the early 1900's.  

 I am looking forward to doing a lot of sewing and maybe making some Christmas gifts.  

I bought this book in the summer so I am hope to make anything from it.  I love the patterns and all the details that have been added.  Every item has piping, lace or trim.

I think my youngest daughter would like this night shirt.

I want either of these.  My oldest daughter wants something similar to the top one.

Next step, Go through the stash and see what I can use.

Thanks for dropping by .

Happy Sewing.

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