Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sew Enduring- My New Shop

While cleaning and sorting and stash busting and crafting and cleaning it suddenly hit me --- I have to much stuff.  I have collected a lot of vintage buttons, patterns, books, and sewing supplies.  Then the ultimate stash busting idea hit me --- I should sell some of it.  So my last attempt at stash busting is to open  an Etsy shop to sell my vintage sewing and crafting collection.

It was taken too long to put this together but I am ready.  I am starting with some vintage patterns and clothing and will add more vintage finds.  I have a drawer full of very old patterns but it takes a long time to go through each one to ensure it is complete.

I love old patterns, not just the graphics but the detailed instructions.  If you enjoy vintage patterns please  visit my etsy shop  .

Thanks for dropping by.


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Kim said...

What a great idea! It seems like these items are being used around blogland.

Nat said...

these patterns are wonderful, love the graphics! These would be great for an old school scrapbook and altered art projects. :)