Wednesday, February 2, 2011

PJ Sewing with Photos

I joined a pj sew-a-long on the American Thanksgiving weekend.  These pyjamas are a long time coming.  I had problems with the evil pattern book.  But you can always count on Kwik Sew to make a dependable pattern.  I love Kwik Sew.  It took longer to drive out of town to buy the pattern then it did to sew the pattern.
For the girls, I used 2811.  I made two pairs but I have a photo of one. Because it is such a basic pattern I thought that I should add something.  I shortened the length and added white pom-pom trim.

 My oldest daughter loved them so much she is either wearing them or washing them.  They do look cool as I made them from a vintage sheet.  It says "Sock It To Me" and other Laugh In lines.  She has always had a retro vibe and started wearing vintage clothes in junior high.

I was planning on making matching Christmas pyjamas for the family but---.  I have the fabric and the patterns ready for next year.

I owed my daughter's boyfriend a Christmas gift.  I had planned this for awhile but was too sick to sew.  His favourite car is a 1962 Corvette.  I searched everywhere and found the flannel.  I used Kwik sew 2257 to make the pyjama pant.  They are triple stitched.  The waistband is elastic and cording.

I hope he likes them.

More sewing soon!

Thanks for dropping by.


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Nat said...

ohhhh wow!! these PJ's you have created for your daughter are awesome, I love the added trim and sweet print. Love the corvette pj,s too, they look so cozy, I am sure he will love this print being a big corvette fan!! :)Totally inspiring projects! :)