Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm a Golden Retriever

I am up and feeling well enough to spend some time sewing.  Yeah!   I also started back with my Wii workout.  Today the little "character" commented that I had been following the same routine for some time and that if I was a dog I would be a patient golden retriever.  Seriously!! Who programs these games?  Why would anyone think that comparing the fat little Mii to a dog would be a good thing?

Anyway...   (pant, pant, pant)  back to sewing....

First up, a dress for my oldest daughter.  I started it pre-surgery but didn't quite get it finished.  
We found this faux Missoni fabric on one of our Toronto fabric shopping trips.  She knew exactly what pattern she wanted me to sew - Simplicity 3503 .  It is a copy of a Marc Jacobs dress.  The pattern has been reviewed many times and is quick and easy.
 Easy right?  The fabric is quite see through and the pattern didn't call for a lining.  The bodice and sleeve are cut in one piece.   I used some bamboo jersey that I had on hand to line the skirt and the top back.  To line the top front, I used some leftover spandex for support.  When I edge stitched the lining it became to stiff and resulted in what my daughter called "star trek" shoulders.  The only solution was to release the lining and cut it back to the shoulders.  Now it is more like an attached slip.  But it works and looks great on her.  She is planning some travel this summer and this dress will roll nicely in her bag.

 Close up of lining 

Next up, my black lace skirt.   I fell in love with a lace skirt on net a porter and had to have one.  I had black lace  and lining in my stash.  I even had the invisible zipper.  I trimmed the inside with red, sort of my version of those  Louboutin shoes I could never afford.    Good thing this skirt didn't cost me anything as I have no idea where I will wear it.
I love a well installed invisible zipper

I just have to finish the hem by hand.

My last little nugget to share is this.  My dining table is close to the front door and often becomes the dumping ground for anything and everything that comes through the door.  As Flylady says, it is a hot zone and I am constantly putting out fires.  In an effort to retrain my family, I set the dining table with a tablescape.   I bought pretty new dishes and made it look nice.  After every use, I reset the table.  It looks nice and there is very little space for junk.  For the past month, my table has remained clutter free.  No one has left their stuff on the table.

I love the reindeer napkin rings I bought at the gift store in town.  The yellow Italian glass plates were on clearance at Crate & Barrel for $5.00 each.  The winter plates are from Canada's own Brian Gluckstein and the chargers are from Michaels.

The table runner is a vintage silk velvet shawl with fabulous fringe.
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Kim @ Cheap Chic Home said...

I never pictured you as a golden retriever, Janlynn! You did such a nice job on your daughter's dress, you'll have to have her model. Your lace skirt looks so lovely!--I'd love to have one for myself. Lastly - what a creative solution for keeping the clutter off your dining table. I like the black/white with the pop of yellow. Hugs, Kim

DeniseAngela said...

Great dress & I like your lace skit too! Thanks for linking up to my Fashion Friday runway party!

Gorgeous Things said...

That dress is one of my favorite patterns. I need to make another maxi for this spring. I hope your DD wears it in good health!