Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What Can You Do With A Yard Of Decorator Fabric?

We weren't suppose to buy any fabric but.... This decorator fabric with dogs of all shapes and sizes was hard to resist.  So we bought just one yard.  
My daughter's room is Tiffany blue with black and white accents and she loves dogs, so this seemed to be the perfect choice for throw cushions.  
I made two 12x12 square cushions with invisible zippers on the bottom.  One is piped in black and one is piped in white.

The print just cried out for a little embellishment.  One dog on each pillow received a crystal collar.

I apologize for the blurry picture.  My son is a professional photographer.  His talent showed at an early age and the rest of us in the family just stopped taking pictures and trying to be good.  His eye was so sharp and refined at 12yrs old and his critique so brutal, I just gave up.

But I can sew.   After making the cushions there still was a fair bit of fabric.  I am trying to eliminate scraps and storage of scraps but I can't just throw them away.  So I made a tote bag too.

I lined it with pink gingham (another scrap).  I used the same pattern that I made my Ikea bag last summer.  This time I used a fusible interfacing but not the Peltex as I found the Ikea bag a bit too stiff.

There is still a chunk of fabric left.  What's Next?

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Jaime said...

What a fun mom you are! Thanks for linking up!

katy said...

That pillow is too cute!