Saturday, May 14, 2011

It Seemed Like a Good Idea At The Time...

It Seemed Like a Good Idea At The Time...
I was inspired by Donatella at Inspiration and Realisation with her Cheap &  Chic Pet Bed .  I thought our new Bailey could use her own spot to sit in the living room.  I do not want her on the furniture.  
I used her pattern but a little smaller.  The fabric is a soft mint fleece.  I thought it would compliment her apricot fur.  What was I thinking!  She's a puppy.

I put it on the floor and she attacked it.  She opened the velcro and started to pull out the stuffing.  I quickly grabbed it and ran for the sewing room.  I stitched up the velcro openings.  

I gave her the bed again. 

Then she started to chew, chew, and chew.....

The shot is blurry because she was moving so fast. 

Here is the bed without the ribbon ties.  Surprisingly, she is sleeping on the bed right now.  She drags it around with her and chews on the pillow.  She likes it .  But it doesn't look like it is supposed to.
My husband says it is her favourite chew toy,

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OhioMomPatriot said...

It is very cute and it definitely makes her happy! She is just loving it, not chewing...LOL! Thanks for sharing!

Kim @ Cheap Chic Home said...

This is funny! At least it's getting used :P.

Rissa @ Hazel and Honeysuckle said...

Hehehe, how cute! Typical puppy ;) Thanks for linking this up!

Carolyn said...

Haha, this was hilarious!! Oh those days of puppyhood, I remember them well... as well as those sharp little puppy teenth!
At least she loves it!
And thank you so much for you comment on my dress!