Thursday, May 5, 2011

Meet Bailey! The reason I have nothing done.

This is Bailey, our new puppy, and the reason my sewing time has been seriously curtailed.  She is four months old and so much fun.  She and I take three long walks a day . Bailey is a cockapoo so she shouldn't get too big.

I have been trying to keep up with reading all your blogs but for some reason Blogger decided that I no longer have a reading list.  I have tried to transfer them to my page.  If yours isn't there, I apologize and will catch up.

One topic that seems to be cropping up is "why do you sew?'

I guess I can't really say it is to save money as my machine cost $3,000.00, more than I would spend on clothes  in  quite a few years.  But the machine will last more than 5 years. Then there is all the fabric, notions, gadgets, and gizmos that I "need".    I could say that it is cheaper than therapy, but we have healthcare that covers that.

I sew because I love and sometimes need to create with my hands.  I can see it in my head and I want to make it.  Sometimes the need  is so strong I get moody or grouchy if I cannot spend some time sewing.
I guess growing up in an era of self expression and self sufficiency added to my need to sew.  I loved embroidering my jeans while wearing them.  I just doodled on my jeans with a needle and thread.  And I loved not be dependant on "the man".  Back when you couldn't trust the establishment.....

Sewing allows me to have better quality items than I could afford to buy.  Items I make are better quality and last much longer than items bought at mid priced stores.  I am still working on better fit but it's a process.  Sometimes it's the journey not the destination (man).

I briefly tried sewing for dollars and hated almost every minute of it.  I was not sewing what I wanted to sew with fabric I loved and usually with less time that I wanted.  I have learned to say 'no' to almost everyone.

The one area I do save money on is home decor.  My dining room curtains are floor to ceiling lined, hand pleated , silk taffeta.  All the stripes match up.  They are five widths of fabric.  The fabric and lining  cost less than $400.00.  A workroom would have charged at least that for one panel.
Cushions in most of the stores I visit cost between $30 to $80 and they are not down filled.  Mine are all down and covered in designer fabric for half the price.

The savings continues with upholstery.  I am learning the haute couture method of upholstery.  This way I can enjoy fine furniture in my budget.  The lessons and supplies are a fraction of the cost of purchasing an item at a high end furniture store.

Crafting saves money too.  I can buy a $40. wreath or I can make it for $5.

But sewing, sewing is done for the pure enjoyment.

What about you?  Why do you sew/craft/redo?
I Love your comments and visit and respond to all.

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Kim @ Cheap Chic Home said...

Hey Janlynn! Is your puppy helping you get into better shape, too? I, too, enjoy sewing (my machine isn't as good as yours) and do not like to do it "for hire". I will do things for people I love or care about. I wish you would have shown us more of your draperies, and entire room. I know what you mean about stripes matching, etc! I have never pleated before, if you ever want to do a tutorial, I'll be "all eyes." :)
Hugs, Kim

DeniseAngela said...

What a lovely post! Love your curtains.....I started to sew garments because it was always hard to find a dress that fit me properly. I enjoy this new hobby and the design process!

Maida Khan said...

Hello, these curtains are beautiful, I am in the process of sewing my own. I had a question, what type of fabric did you use for lining the curtains?