Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Upholstery Tuesday Continues - with tips

Finally, I have been cleared to return to my upholstery class.   My latest chair is progressing quite well.

The chair has been completely stripped down.  I did save all the pieces.  Luckily the no-sag spring were still in very good condition.  I did not have to remove or replace them.  I added webbing on top of the springs for extra support.

I returned the cover over the webbing.  Notice the extra padding around the edges.  These have been tacked with my trusted magnetic hammer.

Using the old cover as a pattern I cut and mitred a new piece from factory cotton.  This is hand sewn in place with a curved needle and linen thread.  Notice the most important tool, the extra large Tim Horten's Coffee Mug.

I tore the felt into the shape of the front to the seat and the back of the seat. 
Now the fun begins - to tug and pull and shrink the cotton to fit the seat perfectly.  It must be tight, smooth, and even.

Close up of hand stitching

The bottom of the chair has been tacked in place.  It was tricky measuring and cutting around the arms and the legs.   The front piece has been mitred to fit over the corners of the chair.  I used my regulator to smooth it down and fit the corners perfectly.   The entire chair will be covered in factory cotton and then upholstered with the nice fabric.  This way it is easier to change the fabric at a later date.
To ensure that the cotton fits snugly and smoothly, it is sprayed with water as I work with it.  The wet fabric stretches as you pull and tack it in place.  It shrinks as it dries ensuring a tight fit.

I have started on the sides by adding two layers of felt ( cotton stuffing) to cover the frame.  Two pieces of cotton have been cut to cover the felt.  Centre lines (horizontal and vertical) are marked on each piece of cotton.  I only have one class left before the summer break.  I guess this will continue next fall.


Kim @ Cheap Chic Home said...

Wow, Janlynn, you are doing a great job and starting from the ground up and everything. What a smart tip to get the cotton wet. I like that you sewed it by hand. When I reupholster, I use tacks, too. I like "old school" techniques. Hugs, have a great weekend. As you know it's been busy over here!

DeniseAngela said...

I have always wanted to learn to do this is so much work.....I like what you have done so far!