Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This and That

This is my iron.  It keeps getting sticky.  I keep cleaning it but it just gets sticky again.  I thought that I was being careless with the fusible interfacing even though I used a teflon sheet when working with the fusibles.

Last week I attended a pressing demonstration at a Oakville Sewers Forum meeting.  Joanne of Joanne's  Creative Notions talked about different pressing techniques.  I learnt quite a bit.  But the most important point I gained was that the red plaid fabric on the seam roll and ham is not wool.  

 I assumed it was wool.  I examined my roll and ham.  Sure enough, the fabric appeared to be melted and burnt in certain places.  It seams that the hot iron had touched and melted the fabric on the seam roll and stuck to my iron.

Joanne's solution is to hand sew a piece of wool to the ham and roll.  Luckily I had a few scraps of wool in my stash and set about sewing.  

Guess what?  no more gunky iron.  

Just thought I would pass on this tip.

My luck continues to hold when it comes to winning at our club meetings.  Three of the four meetings I have attended I have won a prize. 

My most recent prize is a Sandra Betzina DVD.  This will be a great help in improving my sewing.

This notion is called a Chakoner.  It produces a very fine line of chalk . I have used it several times and it is wonderful .

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Etcetorize said...

Great tip! Thanks. I don't actually use a ham or roll, but keep meaning to make one, now I'll make sure to use the right fabric~

DeniseAngela said...

I like your winnings and thanks for the tip!

Kim @ Cheap Chic Home said...

Hey-I missed this post. I'm glad you solved your sticky iron mystery. How's the photo sorting going? I think I need to go stalking your Pinterest ;)