Saturday, July 30, 2011

Back From New York City

My daughter and I arrived home yesterday afternoon exhausted, blistered and broke.  We crammed so much sight seeing and shopping into two and half days that we may need days of rest to recouperate.

My first impressions of The Big Apple are as follows:

The Good
1. I felt safe walking on the streets at anytime.  There were police officers at every intersection and 2,000 cameras watching .
2. The people were friendly enough.
3. We stayed at the Hilton Hotel in the Fashion District.  It is brand new, super clean, quiet, with plenty of hot water and water pressure.  There was a Keurig Coffe Maker with real half and half in the room.  Ice would have been nice.  I know that's being picky but the room was not cheap.
4. The subway was cheap - $2.25.  In Toronto its $3.00 each way.
5. The taxis were cheap -$2.50 to get in and .50 each 1/4 mile.  In Toronto its $4.25 to get in and  $1.75/ km .  A kilometre is roughly .6 of a mile.
6.  The McQueen exhibit ar The Met,( the real reason for our trip) was breathtaking, amazing, inspiring, and humbling.
7.  Parron Fabrics, Pacific Trim, and other little shops between 36th and 40th streets.  Simply overwhelming varieties of everything.
8. The Top of The Rock.   What a beautiful building with a fantastic views.  Much better value than the Empire State Building.

The Bad
1. For the most part I found the food in different types of restaurants overpriced and not very good.
One breakfast for the two of us cost $50.00 yet the food was tasteless and the plate overdecorated. Didn't that end in the 80's?  My very favourite breakfast to order everywhere I go is Eggs Benedict.  I saved this for my last morning in New York City.  What a disappointment!  There was so little hollandaise sauce on the eggs it had started to harden.  When you slice through the eggs the yolk should pour out and mix with the sauce into a heavenly mixture.  One of my eggs was overcooked and nothing ran out.  The other egg was undercooked.  Not only did the yolk run but so did the white.  The food was plated with a strawberry!  What does that have to add to my eggs.  Our first dinner there we had to return our meat as it was not cooked as we ordered.  When it returned it was very dry and under seasoned.  I am not a foodie or a chef .  Our family cooks everyday from scratch.  We appreciate good food and honour the farmer who worked hard to grow it for us.   The one bright spot was the Parmesan Fries with Truffle Oil.    They were super!
2. Mood Fabrics was overpriced compared to other stores we visited.  The staff was not the least bit friendly or interested in us as customers.  You never see the dirty elevator, that the operator can't seem to stop level with the floor, on T.V.  But after watching eight seasons of Project Runway, it has become iconic.  We had to visit Mood.  But I have to say "No Thank you Mood".
3. I am a city lover and a polite Canadian.  We are used to waiting for our turn.  I expected to wait in line.   What I was shocked by was the option of paying to move to the front of the line.  That concept seems so unCanadian.
4.  This is petty but was it a wee bit disappointing.  Our "fashion hotel" in the "fashion district" did not have Lifetime channel.  We were not able to watch the premiere episode of Project Runway.  We were counting on watching it as it will not be broadcast in Canada until February.  I mentioned it to the Front Desk.  They were sympathetic and said that Heidi had held last season's reunion dinner at the restaurant in the hotel.  I hope she had better food than we had.  (See my comments above).

The Ugly
The city is very dirty.  The buildings, the roads, the air.  So many people smoke!

The good outweighs the bad.
It was a very good trip.  We walked miles, saw and did almost everything on our list.  We shopped and spent and shopped some more.  We had to ship the fabric home.  It arrived before us.

The Stars
1. The Met.  Such an impressive museum.  The McQueen exhibit was perfection.  I became a member.  I hope to return soon with my hubby.
2. Porter Airlines.  Flying refined indeed.  Great coffee, great service, complimentary everything!
3. The Hilton on 26th Street.  Great staff, excellent service.  Special thanks to the doorman who recommended the shuttle service to Newark  instead of the train.
4. My daughter for organizing the trip and carrying the bags.  After four days of constant togetherness, we are still speaking to each other.
5. My husband for paying for it all.
6. My youngest daughter for taking great care of her Dad and our puppy.

It's good to be home.

Lots of photos and fashions to come.

Thanks for dropping by



Kim @ Cheap Chic Home said...

Yay! How fun! I can't believe you had such a terrible time with the food. Too bad about Mood Fabrics. I can't to see what you purchased, glad you're safe.

donatella said...

welcome back!! sorry i missed you! now... are you with me on the posts that i write about new york? the stink in the summer is awful!!! sorry, even if it is my adopted city, i'm ashamed :(
but it is a fun destination for few days, and i'm so happy you had a blast!!

DeniseAngela said...

Too bad about the food......looking forward to seeing your New York photos & wardrobe!

FrouFrouBritches said...

You went to the Alexander McQueen show? AMAZING! I've never been to New York. It's a dream of mine. Ahhh, someday. Glad y'all had fun. I'd love to hit some of those places in the fashion district!!

FrouFrouBritches said...

ALSO, they pay to move up in line? How rude! That definitely wouldn't fly in the south either.