Monday, July 18, 2011

Linking Up To Cheap Chic Home's Copy Cat Day

Here's my latest craft project that may still be salvageable... I hope.  But first , some background.  I love Pinterest. I pin so many ideas and projects.  What's the point of "pinning" if I never make any of the items.  So I decided to make some "quick projects" to decorate my sewing area.  Here is my "pin"from

Jen Jockisch .  

I found a shadow box at Goodwill on half price day.  It was from IKEA and had a frosted glass front to simulate three mats.  I thought this was perfect for my favourite word SEW.  I took the shadowbox apart and spend hours sorting through my buttons.  I cut the letters from cardstock on my Cricut machine.  Then I glued layers of buttons to each letter.  I painstakingly choose the perfect background paper.  I needed three sheets to cover the back, so I matched the plaid.

After the glue had dried I put the shadowbox back together.  When I flipped it to the  right side some buttons fell off.  Also, the staples from my staple gun did not seem longer enough and the back came off.

So I started again.  Added more glue to the buttons.  I got my husband's heavy duty staple gun and reattached the back.  I was two or three staples from the end when I heard ...C R A C K K K !  The glass shattered.

Now I must decide,  replace the glass, add mats around the letters, or throw the whole thing away.  What do you think?
I've been thinking of changing it to this instead.  It least I wouldn't have to buy another piece of glass.  Or break another piece of glass.  The photo is from
 white frame with fabric rolls
This post was actually written two weeks ago but my camera was not co-operating.  The memory card was fried.  After only 11 years!

My next copy cat project is this apron.  Next month my daughter will be attending the wedding of her old university roommate.  I thought this would be a nice gift from me.

I love this apron by Laura at Decor to Adore  made from vintage pillow cases.  Well, I was not lucky enough to inherit beautiful embroidered pillow cases.  I cannot find any at the thrift stores.  So I decided to make some.  My sewing machine came with some large beautiful designs that would make great pillow cases.  I like to multi task.  Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.  I usually run an embroidery on the machine while I cut out.  After my third tier I was feeling very productive until I realized that I caught the fabric in the back of the hoop.  I had to cut it apart.  and start over.

Hopefully I will have the apron ready for next week.

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Kim @ Cheap Chic Home said...

I cannot believe your luck :(. I'd probably feel like abandoning the button project and use the fabrics instead. I hadn't seen Laura's apron before -- how cute! I have a feeling you'll get yours done before the shower. Thanks for linking, you're so sweet!