Monday, July 4, 2011

My First Mens Shirt

I attended a pant pattern drafting class led by Janet Pray of  Islander Sewing System.  Not only did I draft  and construct a well fitting pant, but I learnt sewing many other tips and skills.  I bought several patterns as well.  Islander Sewing System uses methods used in industrial sewing including sewing without pins.  


This is my first completed men's shirt and I am really pleased with the finished product.  

The collar points are nice and sharp.  Janet has several tips for that.  One is to cut the points off of the interfacing before fusing.

One of the things is was dreading / fearing was buttonhole placement.  The pattern directions are excellent for this.  You measure out the button placement rather than transfer markings form the pattern.  So much more accurate.

Something weird happened with the flash but the fabric is a really good quality cotton shirting form Distinctive Sewing Supplies.  It is a light blue grey.  

Another bad picture!  See the collar point.  It is rounded. Bad!  I forgot to cut the points off the interfacing.  I made another collar properly. This one went in the garbage.

This shirt took me a couple of days.  Mostly because I didn't fully read the pattern.  The methods used are different. And they work.  I just have to remember to read them!

My second shirt is almost done and I have added something to it.  
Stay tuned.

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Kim @ Cheap Chic Home said...

It's just gorgeous work (is that "ok" to say about a man's shirt?). You really take your time and pay attention to detail. Is it for your husband? I'm sure it will look great on the wearer. Hugs, Kim

Andrea said...

Janlynn, very nice - will the recipient be modeling it for us? It looks like a comfy shirt. Tackling a man's shirt has been on my to-do list (a little further down), primarily because my husband has an unusually large neck for his shoulder width, so is hard to fit. First, I guess I have to learn to do the correct alterations...

Denise said...

That is some fine sewing Janlynn! In the future I would love to make a shirt for my husband. Thanks for the inspiration!
Have a wonderful week!

Carolyn said...

Your shirt turned out fabulous! Lovely topstitching. I've never seen a mens' shirt pattern without a collar stand before, so that is a new one for me!
Thank you so much for your comment. Of course you can knit sock with a turned heel, you just need a pattern... you can get a book from the library with a basic sock pattern, which is all you need!