Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Trip to New York - But I Have Nothing To Wear!

So far this summer has been hot, humid, and busy.  Just like any other summer!  I have been lax in blogging but I will try to be better.
I have been sewing, crafting, decorating, shopping, thrifting, gardening, and lots more, just not blogging.

The two most important things I do want to share are dieting and my upcoming trip to New York City!!!

1.On June 1st my hubby and I started dieting using the New Atkins diet as our guide.  I need vegetables and thankfully they have added more veg to this diet.  So far I have lost 18 lbs - 3 1/2 inches from my waist and  3 1/2 inches from my hips.  My pants are falling down every time I move.  I don't work outside the home so I figured I would just keep waiting to make new clothes.

2. Our family has been talking about a trip to New York City for quite some time.  We talked but never planned anything.  My oldest daughter and I really want to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met.  We realized that the exhibit will close soon and we had better get our butts in gear or we would miss it.  My husband and youngest daughter decided not to go.  My daughter and I booked our flight and hotel in a flash.  We have been researching where to go and where to shop.  But what will I wear?  I can't walk around NYC with my pants falling down!

So I have been sewing madly!  The fabrics and patterns have been chosen and I even have a new serger!
Let the madness begin!!

If you have any suggestions for spots to shop, eat or see,  please tell me.

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donatella said...

:D good job on the weight loss!!!!!! wow, that's a lot and worth the falling pants !!
i'll be back to nyc on july 31st! and i'll tell you where to bargain ;) (still, is new york, nothing is really cheap, but....) !!! keep in touch!

DeniseAngela said...

Wow......that is great on your getting healthy lifestyle! If you had skirts that were too could add a belt for a paper bag waist style! What kind of serger did you get? New York has eluded wish I could see the exhibit too.....looking forward to seeing your sewing madness projects! Have a great week!

Andrea said...

Congratulations on the weight loss! Have a great time in NYC! When are you leaving? Make sure you report back about your adventure. :D

Kim @ Cheap Chic Home said...

I can't wait to see everything you make to wear and the places you visit. I can't help you with NYC, since it's been ages since I've been there. I do think there is some super fabric store there somewhere. I'll see what I can find.