Monday, August 8, 2011

New York Part 1

Forgive the goofy smile.  I hate having my picture taken and I am terrified of heights.  I don't know what came over me, but I agreed to go to the top of the Rockeffeller Building.  I was a beautiful clear morning and the view was spectacular.  

At the suggestion of Donatella of Inspriration & Realisation  my daughter and I visited Century 21. At home that is the name of a real estate company.  The store was full of people.  We both did really well  finding great deals.  I found Not Your Daughter's Jeans dress pants.  NYDJ's are about $195.00 here.  I have never seen NYDJ dress pants.  I bought them at $39.99.  A steal.  I also got some basics tops in black and moss green  which is becoming a new favourite colour.  My daughter did very well with Diane Von Furstenberg, finding pants, sweater and coat.

Of course we shopped here.  We bought bags, tons of jewelry, and Jonathan Adler collar and leash for Bailey.  

and here!  Saks is huge and every designer you can think of had a section of the store.  Floor after floor of clothes.  The Chanel boutique attracted the sewer in me.  I closely examined the jackets and was disappointed to not find quilted silk linings with fell stitched seams.  Instead the lining was bagged and the trim very loosely tacked.  What a let down.  
I found Valentino t-shirts that I loved .  But I had loved them when they first came out in the Spring 2010 collection.  I couldn't believe they still wanted full price for last years merchandise.
After we drooled over the Alexander McQueen section, we returned to the street level.  My daughter wanted something from Saks.  She could afford the Chanel nail polish in grey.  

Yes we even shopped at the Met!  We had to get souvenirs such as postcards, magnets, T-shirts, poster, notebooks.

Next, the fabric finds and more photos.

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donatella said...

:) thanks for mentioning me !!! i told you to go there way eeeeearly in the morning! century 21 is crazy. but you can always find something!! (pssss don't tell anybody but can you believe that i've been inside macy's once since i moved here? two years, yup!!!)
xox, d.

Andrea said...

Sounds like so much fun. I am dying to hear about the fabric exploits!!


Kim @ Cheap Chic Home said...

Yay, how fun! Sight seeing AND shopping :). I like the shirt you're wearing in the photo. Hugs, Kim

DeniseAngela said...

It's great to see a photo of you......looks like you & your daughter had fun! I like your picture post.....too bad about Chanel.....awesome steal on the pants though!