Monday, November 14, 2011

One Last Gift

Don't you just love the "foot pedal".  Good thing I have small feet.

I was recently given this beautiful old sewing machine complete with accessories by my father-in-law.  
He used it for many years for making tents, tarps,and upholstery.  It's a heavy duty machine that can handles layers of denim and even leather.  It has been in his workshop forever.  
It was not new when he got it.  He picked it out of someone's garbage and repaired it himself.  
He loaned it to someone and they had their father replace the motor.

He knew his health was failing and he asked if I was interested in this machine.  Of course I was.
Two weeks later, he past away.
I will have the machine serviced and cleaned but I must make myself use it not just keep it on the shelf.  
He would want the machine to be used.

I think that the history of the machine reflects so much the story of my father-in-law.  He repaired and rebuilt so many different things.  He could fix or build anything and constantly thought outside of the box to find the solutions.  Our home has furniture he constructed from wood, metal, and fabric.  He built his home and cottage. Rarely was anything thrown away.  He could alway fix or reuse it. 
                                              He was quiet and stern looking but would help and loan anything to anyone who needed help.  When I left home and had nothing, he collected used items from everyone he knew in order to furnish my apartment.  

I will treasure this old machine.

Thanks for listening,





DeniseAngela said...

Beautiful peek into your heart Janlynn! What a wonderful way to remember your father in-law & I look forward to seeing your projects made with such a piece of history.

donatella said...

what a man... having tools that belonged to somebody we love is a way to keep their memory alive. i use my grandma's crochet hooks all the time, and i still have my other grandma's sewing machine. truly treasures. xox, d.

Etcetorize said...

Hi Janlynn, I'm featuring your post this week over at Etcetorize. Thank you so much for sharing this at the linky party~