Monday, January 16, 2012

The Jacket For My Boots

I originally wrote this post for The Sew Weekly Sewing Circle.  You are given a challenge and one week to complete it.  Last week's challenge was to create something inspired by an accessory.  

My post was submitted and sat in the pending pile for a week.  My photos were deleted and my post left unpublished.  I don't know what I did to deserve this but I will no longer be participating in those challenges.

Bailey got a hair cut just before Christmas.

While most will buy a jacket then get the accessories , I had the boots but no jacket.   My boots are from the Missoni for Target collection.  They are not really my colours and I have nothing to go with them.  My daughter and I left early one morning to drive to Buffalo to shop at Target.  Before 9:00am almost everything was sold out.  At our third Target store we found these.  Well, I has not going home without something from Missoni!  
How's that for getting carried away with the hype.  That said, they are a great pair of boots and much cheaper than the ones I looked at the equestrian shop.   I need something weather friendly to wear to walk the dog and visit the barn.  

The Facts
Fabric-  Rubber backed nylon fabric
Pattern-  Altra Rain Parka kit 

Year - 1978

Notions -  zipper, cording, and even the thread was included in the kit.

Time to Complete-  I really didn't keep track of it.  I usually only get an hour or two to sew at a stretch.   My guess - 10 to 12 hours.

First Worn -  for this photo shoot.

Wear Again- absolutely!  Currently our weather is on the plus side of freezing, so I will wear this jacket with a sweater.  Time to walk the dog.  Today my daughter is trying out a new riding school.  I can't call it a barn because the stables are bigger than our home and the owner's mansion is right beside it.  Now I have the perfect attire for the occasion!

Cost - $2.00   Bought at the "More Than a Yard Sale " at The Textile Museum several years ago.
Yes.  That's right it !  I paid $2.00 for the kit which included pre cut fabric, full instructions, zipper, cording, velcro, and even the thread.  And it picked up one of the colours in the boots!

The sewing was not difficult, I have made waterproof jackets before, but it was tedious.  The rubber backed fabric could not be pressed or pinned.  I used double backed tape, masking tape, and glue.  I finger pressed and rubbed with a plastic ruler to give sharper edges.    The directions were not perfect.  In fact I ended up with two pieces that I couldn't figure out to do with.  But, It's finished and I didn't spend any money on it, this year.  That's the beginning of a good New Year!


Etcetorize said...

It came with pre-cut fabric??? Now that's my type of pattern. It looks fabulous and definitely goes with your awesome boots~

Andrea said...

How cool is that? Love your new coat and boots. Whats up with that sewing circle thing? I've never heard of it. They missed out!