Saturday, April 13, 2013

Putting Scraps on The Table

I have been trying to clean my sewing room by way of sewing.  That can only sound logical to me.

After making curtains for my kitchen, I had a huge chunk of fabric left.  My calculations were way off. I guess I didn't consider that the fabric was 120" wide.  It is a very heavy cotton from Italy and was taking up a lot of room on the shelf.  Many times it would roll off the shelf and hit me on the head as I walked by.  Okay time to do something with it.  
I once spoke to Kenneth King about one of his hats.  He said the he had originally thought of using the fabric to make something else but the fabric told him no.  My fabric doesn't speak to me, it hits me over the head!

Table linens are one of the things I love but would never buy.  They are just too easy to make.  

I cut 12 rectangles  15" x 21" to make 6 14"x 20" place mats.  I told you it was a big chunk of fabric.

The sewing was simple.  Right sides together was an opening at the bottom for turning.  Always stop and start at the middle bottom.  It faces the seated persons bellybutton and no one looks there.   Press seams along seam line to one side to help turning the corners.  Turn right side out,  press, and topstitch (again stop and start at the belly button). 


I also had enough fabric to make 6 seat cushions.

Kitchen Curtains.  Inverted box pleat by hand

They match my dishes!

The napkins are purchased ( 4 Cynthia Rowley 20" x 20" for $5.00 at Homesense). I can't make them for that.  Note the hemstitching.

I did however make the beaded napkin rings.  I used memory wire and glass beads from Michaels.

Expect to see more of this fabric --- I still have some left.

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Jamie said...

What a great idea, I never thought of making placemats out of fabric for curtains, I did the same thing you did, didn't realize it was so wide and I got too much, now I know what to do with it. Thanks for posting!

Design Originals by KC said...

Found you on Sew Many Ways and love your placemats! Thanks for sharing all you did with that fabric and now no more hitting in the head :) lol Kathi

Janine said...

Thankyou for your comment. I wonder what your MIL meant by her comment though - not even a thankyou !

GodsgirlT said...

Oh My! This is DIY for the home at it's best. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this fabric. The colors and patterns go together so nicely. Although I like all of these pieces you've created, the shower curtain would have to be my favorite. You can really see the pattern and colors at work. Very, very nice work!

Sew Coco said...

So beautiful & go sew well with your pretty dishes!

Shannon said...

You are amazing Janlynn! That fabric is gorgeous and you've made beautiful use of it.

So funny about it hitting you on the head til you used it. :) I'll have to remember that the next time my stack of fabric comes tumbling down on me. xo