Monday, May 20, 2013

Celebrating The End of The Penny

On February 4th of this year the Canadian penny was officially discontinued.  It cost more than a penny to make a penny so the government decided to stop making them. 

I saw a garden penny ball on Pinterest and started searching the house for old pennies.  The girls rummaged through the car, van, and countless purses.  My visiting brother-in-law had his truck searched.  Finally, we had enough pennies.   I think I used close to 200 pennies.


I had a bowling ball that I had previously decorated for my garden. I blogged here.

After a few Canadian winters most of the frogs had fallen off and I was bored with it.  

I scrapped of the frogs, sanded down the glue spots and spray painted the ball a copper colour.  Then I sat outside with my E600 glue and covered the bowling ball with pennies.  They are all wrong side up so that the maple leaf shows. 

I am really happy with the new ball.  I am searching thrift stores for another bowling ball and begging family for more pennies.  

The metal and stone heron was purchased at a local craft fair.

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amy mayen said...

I love it!!!! I hope you find some more bowling balls. You could do a some stepping stones maybe...

iSewSweetBoutique said...

Hi Janlynn
I'm on my daughter blog today & this is such a cool project! What an awesome way to use our long gone pennies. We love it!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

What a fabulous penny orb!! And super use for the penny. It is like a time capsule. Your garden looks beautiful. I also went to the Creativ Festival! It was my 6th time, I love that show. Have a great weekend, apparently it may go as low as 4 tonight!