Wednesday, May 15, 2013

CreativFestival Spring 2013

I am so far behind on my posts it is crazy.  I seem to be suffering the effects of Menopause.  Some times the moods are so dark!  I apologize.  No excuses!   So let's move forward!

 My youngest daughter and I recently attended the CreativFestival here in Mississauga.  We enjoyed our time shopping and socializing.  She loves to scrapbook and I love to sew.  Both hobbies were well represented.

My first purchase was this beautiful heavy cotton from Distinctive Sewing Supplies .  I knew I wanted to purchase it the moment Catherine posted it in her newsletter.

I thought of making a jacket from it but realized I was becoming one of those crazy old ladies wearing weird clothes.  Someone shoot me when I start wearing cat print anything!  (Again this menopause thing does bad things to your head)

I decided to make a bag instead.  Photo and post will follow.

I purchased the handles and hardware from Quit-a-Bag.  They have the very best interfacing for bags.  It is not available in any store.  They import it directly.

Of course, my daughter insisted I purchase this design cd from The Quilt Store.    It is from Anita Goodesign.  She has wanted me to make her a horse quilt for forever.  I have already stitched out one of the designs and made a tote.    The design took almost 2 hours to stitch but it is impressive.

I purchased supplies from Joanne's Creative Notions, a Canadian family run internet business.  I thought the gloves might help improve my free-motion quilting.  I will let you know!  So far I need to keep practicing.  

I purchased this stabilizer set from Not Just Threads at Potters Paradise . This is another Canadian company.    I am quite happy with it.  The horse head I stitched was very dense and heavy and I did not have any puckering issues.  Photos coming soon.

In the meantime I will try to stay sane and happy.

Thanks for dropping by,

P.S.  The highlighted companies are all Canadian companies that I shop at.  I do not receive any $$$ to endorse them.   

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amy mayen said...

You crack me up!!! Crazy old lady prints are in vogue right now!! I love that fabric!!