Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summer Top

McCalls 6704

For the last few months I have been feeling slow, tired and very grumpy.  I have not felt creative, happy or energetic.  I put it down to stress but really life is always stressful.  Last week we made a family decision to return to our low carb diet.  No sugar, bread, pasta, or processed foods allowed.  Guess what?  I feel so much better.  I started to think about fashion sewing again.  I started to design again.  
The stressful factors of my life are still here and but I feel better.  

First up, a quick summer top, McCalls 6704.  It is rated EASY, but as Mrs Mole says, easy for the designer.   

Back View

The design is simple enough but I fear that the easy rating would encourage a beginner to embark on this pattern.  It is not hard but it is not for a beginner.  The tank underneath is made from a knit.  I used a cotton and spandex combo.  I twin-needle hemmed the bottom using wooly nylon thread in the bobbin.  A beginner might not know how to handle that.  I also serged the tank top with wooly nylon to prevent popped stitches.

The overblouse is chiffon.  Not a fabric for a beginner.  I cut it single layer with paper on top and underneath.  I finished the hem with a rolled hem on my serger.  Even with the differential feed it was hard not to get some "lettuceing".  Hemming a bias cut chiffon is not EASY!  

The neckline requires joining the knit fabric and the chiffon with a self made bias strip.  Again, not really easy. Joining a knit with a woven requires some patience.

I love this top and wear it with capris and leggings.

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amy mayen said...

Oh it's cute!! I love garments made like that, but can't make them yet. I've got to st down and spend some time with chiffon!

Glad you're feeling better.its crazy how much our health effects our life. I have digestive issues and can hardly eat rad meat and dairy. Which sucks because I'm a carnivore who isn't a fruit & veggie lover! That leaves me eating carbs but in tiny little portions (because I pack on weight if not!) and I never get full. I've got to learn to eat balanced!

You keep on truckin. I always smile when I see a post from you!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

I am so glad that the change in diet is making you feel better (and sew)! Your top turned out beautiful . I bought some chiffon last year to make a top and it is still unfinished. I find it very difficult to stitch, but love the fabric so much.

Nat said...

so glad to hear your feeling better :) love the top its gorgeous!!! :)

Kim @ Cheap Chic Home said...

Hello! How are you feeling, now? I've been doing no sugar, low carbs and I like the "even" feeling. I've only lost a few pounds (constant struggle). The store is doing OK. I wish it was doing better. I'm hoping the Christmas season will help. I am renting two units, but may go down to one when the lease is up in March. The store looks great--yesterday, a customer referred to it as "exquisite"!

Sew Coco said...

Hi Janlynn
I hope you are feeling better now & I like the top you made. I hope you can come back to blogging real soon!

Kim @ Cheap Chic Home said...

Hi Janlynn! I wasn't sure the best way to get back to you from your comment, so I came over here.
The store is really not doing very well. We can only guess that it is demographics, from moving the store and the economy is still not very good. We are propping it up with our own $. My lease is up March '15, and I will not be renewing it. There are rewarding moments, and not so much...
I am looking forward to "retiring" from this and doing some sewing for my grandkids! (A 3 yr. old boy and 18 mo. girl!) I think I'm going to post periodically b/c I like to have somewhere to "show off" even if no one really sees it, much. Plus, I paid to have my blog put onto WPress (A mistake for me, sigh.) so I want to use it... It is great hearing from you! Please keep in touch.
Oh, and BTW, I started doing Dressing Your Truth--you may want to look into it. It's a lot of fun and goes off your energy type. It sounds "New Age-y", but isn't. There are 4 types of energy and you dress based on which you are. I'm a "Type 3" ;).